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Our Animal Control Experts

Group shot of Rid-A-Critter crew

We have animal control crews serving Georgia and Alabama

This page is an ongoing collection of pictures of our Animal Control technicians at work, and is dedicated to their loyalty, skill, dedication, and hard work. Our animal control crew is distributed throughought our service area.

Wildlife control is difficult, sometimes dangerous work, and it takes a special kind of professional to do it right.

Animal Control Technicians also need extensive education and in-depth knowledge of the biology and habits of every animal they work with in order to be able to catch and release it unharmed, if at all possible. They also need a high degree of physical fitness, stamina, and plain-old guts.

Finally, animal control technicians need the right equipment to do their work efficiently and safely. At Rid-A-Critter, we have everything our people need to tackle any animal control job -- no matter how big or how challenging. That, and the skill and dedication of our people, is what sets us apart from our competition.

Crew Gallery

Here are some pictures of the finest animal control professionals in the business.

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Smiling technician in a crawl space sealing rats out of the house
Josh sealing rats out of a crawl space
Technician holding a hornets nest that he removed from a bush next to his head
Javors with a hornets nest he removed from a bush
Technicians Tim and Jason at a display table with promotional items at a pest control conference in Georgia
Tim and Jason at a pest control conference
Young bat control technician on a ladder sealing bats out of the roof of a house
Chad sealing bats out of a house
Animal removal supervisor Tim talking to parents at a company display at a career day event
Tim talking to parents at a career day event
Crew chief Jason McFarland wearing a dust mask in the trailer that houses the insulation installation machine
Jason working at an insulation replacement job
Animal control technician on a ladder with a beautiful landscape behind him
Carl working on a squirrel-removing job
The head of an animal control technician sticking out from under a porch. The technician is smiling.
Josh caught laying down on the job again
Technician wearing RidACritter hat pointing over his shoulder to a rat hole above him
Justin pointing to a rat hole at a rat removal job
A small dog wearing a Rid-A-Critter baseball cap and facing the camera
A candidate for the Rid-A-Critter canine unit
Little boy about 4 years old with a snake snare holding a plush toy snake by its neck
Dean's grandson catching a deadly plush snake
Little girl named Faith petting a young squirrel held by an animal control tech named Tim
Faith and Tim petting a baby squirrel
Animal control technician tenderly holding a baby raccoon to his chest
Brad with a baby raccoon removed from a home
Squirrel removal technician sitting on the peak of the roof of a house in Atlanta
Josh Blue at an Atlanta squirrel removal job
Squirrel control technician Carl Frances with a squirrel crawling on his gloved hand
Carl with a young, friendly squirrel
Animal control experts Carl and Tim at a squirrel-proofing job in Douglasville
Carl and Tim at a squirrel-proofing job
Raccoon trapper holding a baby raccoon removed from a home in Birmingham
Rodney with a baby raccoon in Birmingham
The Webmaster facing the camera holding a chainsaw.
The Webmaster goofing off, as usual
Animal control technician Tim outside his truck with a small animal in a trap
Animal control technician Tim relocating a critter
Animal control technicians Tim and Chris with a raccoon in a trap
A trapped raccoon and his friends Tim and Chris
A sneakered foot belonging to an animal control technician sticking out from under a building
One of our techs getting down and dirty
Beaver trapper Shawn wearing waders in a creek while setting beaver traps
Shawn waist-deep in water trapping beavers
Rat control expert Shane with a big, red, tank-like device called a Rat Blaster
Shane with Rid-A-Critter's exclusive Rat Blaster
Animal control experts Mark and Jason standing outside their truck
Animal control experts Mark and Jason
Animal control technician emerging from a roof fan opening making a peace sign
Justin Brown emerging from a roof fan opening
Animal control technician Jeremy working in a tight crawl space
Jeremy laying down on the job again
Squirrel control technician holding two baby squirrels
Jeff with two baby squirrels caught in Johns Creek
Jason, an animal control technician, on the  roof of a home in Newnan, Georgia sealing bats out.
Jason sealing bats out of a home in Newnan, GA
Rat control expert Jason repelling on a roof while performing root rat removal in Roswell, Georgia
Jason repelling during a Roswell rat control job
Animal control expert giving a wildlife lesson to students of  the Jackson Road Elementary School
Field trip to Jackson Road Elementary School
Bee removal expert Jason on a roof removing a beehive from a Villa Rica, Georgia home
Jason doing honeybee control in Villa Rica, GA
Rat control technician Fred doing rat control under the deck of a house
Fred getting down and dirty rat-proofing a house
Animal control technician Don standing behind his truck with his young son
Wildlife control expert Don and his handsome son
Animal trapper Don holding a young raccoon
Young raccoon and his friend Don
Animal control supervisor Dean Scott with a friendly squirrel on his shoulder
Animal control supervisor Dean Scott and friend
Animal control specialist David standing next to a huge gap under the edge of a roof
David repairing a huge construction gap
Animal control technician David Cox and his young son, outdoors at night, with a skunk
David Cox and his son on a skunk control call
Bat control expert David suspended from a gable roof while sealing bats out of an Atlanta, Georgia h
David dangles in mid-air during a bat-proofing job
Animal control technician David pointing out rodent trails in a pile of contaminated insulation
David pointing out rodent trails in insulation
Two children, a girl and a boy, washing a Rid-A-Critter truck
Did we mention that this is a family business?
Coyote control expert Richard Adcock trapping a coyote in Lithia Springs, Georgia
Coyote control expert Richard Adcock
Animal control technician crawling through a roof fan opening
Chris Scott getting into his work
Animal control technician Carl lying in prone position in crawl space
Carl laying down on the job
Ron and Steve Herring, two brothers employed as animal control technicians at Adcock's Rid-A-Critter
Brothers Ron and Steve Herring
Bird-control technicians on ladders doing a bird control job at a Roswell, Georgia pharmacy
Shane and Jason doing bird control in Roswell


For help with any animal control problem, please call us today.


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Spending this Sunday resting up for a big week ahead.
by Chad W.
Sep 10, 2023 08:32:59 am.

Finished up an exclusion before it for too hot outside. Perks of getting up early and getting started.
by Chad W.
Aug 26, 2023 11:03:43 am.

It’s a hot one today. Headed to Jasper Ga to look for a dead animal under a house
by Chad W.
Aug 24, 2023 01:11:32 pm.

Resting up for another full week of critter ridding.
by Chad W.
Aug 20, 2023 06:11:58 pm.

There is nothing like waking up and looking forward to going to going to work. I love my job and am blessed to be in the position I’m in.
by Chad W.
Aug 19, 2023 07:28:21 am.

Headed to Birmingham to do a raccoon quote. Got another raccoon quote in irondale. Squirrels will be active soon. Call Ridacritter for your free exclusion quote.
by Chris Scott
Aug 18, 2023 09:57:39 am.

A dentist office in Stone Mountain has a dead animal smell that needs checked out this morning
by Chad W.
Aug 16, 2023 07:11:34 am.

Sun’s out in Marietta. Getting hot
by Chad W.
Aug 14, 2023 02:51:31 pm.

Sun’s out in Marietta. Getting hot
by Chad W.
Aug 14, 2023 10:59:56 am.

Headed to Birmingham to seal a bottom transition that snake are entering through. We have a big bat exclusion in sylacauga today.
by Chris Scott
Aug 11, 2023 09:45:07 am.

Installed some crawlspace vent covers in Cartersville then checked out some gutters in Big Canoe
by Chad W.
Aug 09, 2023 02:13:17 pm.

Villa Rica to get some materials, Cartersville to screen some crawlspace vents, then Big Canoe to clean out a gutter for a customer. Busy day
by Chad W.
Aug 09, 2023 06:04:59 am.

Started with bats I Talbotton Ga, Bats in the attic in Manchester Ga. Now to Tyrone Ga for rodents in a home.
by Jason Arruda
Aug 01, 2023 12:52:34 pm.

Taking this Sunday to rest up for a big week. Gonna be a hot one
by Chad W.
Jul 30, 2023 08:20:46 am.

Mountains this morning to check out some carpenter bee and woodpecker damage then to Atlanta to trap a raccoon that’s trying to break in
by Chad W.
Jul 18, 2023 06:42:06 am.

Mountains this morning to check out some carpenter bee and woodpecker damage then to Atlanta to trap a raccoon that’s trying to break in
by Chad W.
Jul 17, 2023 06:12:21 am.

Headed to Tuscaloosa. Going to quote a client that has rats and bats. Got a few traps to check around the Birmingham area. Then to Lincoln for a flying squirrel quote.
by Chris Scott
Jul 13, 2023 08:23:51 am.

Villa Rica this morning to pick up some material then to Cartersville to look at a house with problems in the crawlspace
by Chad W.
Jul 12, 2023 05:50:08 am.

Quoting exclusions today, Tifton Ga bats this morning and more bats in Americus Ga this afternoon. Bats in the attic, bats in the house!
by Jason Arruda
Jul 11, 2023 01:35:50 pm.

Headed to Loganville Ga this morning to seal a house and install ridgeguard. Then to Duluth to check some traps
by Chad W.
Jul 11, 2023 06:30:46 am.

Another happy customer in Duluth Ga
by Chad W.
Jul 09, 2023 11:27:57 am.

Atlanta this morning to seal a house and do some ridgeguard. Then to Cleveland Ga to seal some carpenter bee holes
by Chad W.
Jul 07, 2023 06:46:37 am.

In Anniston to look a customer’s chimney. I believe he has chimney swifts nesting in the flue pipe. Going to Leeds after that to set some mouse traps. Couple stops in Birmingham for squirrels and rats later today.
by Chris Scott
Jul 05, 2023 09:10:06 am.

Another good day in the critter industry in the south ga region. Time to call it a day.
by Jason Arruda
Jun 28, 2023 05:53:20 pm.

We will be going around removing traps and deodorizing now that we have stopped all critter activity. Love seeing happy customers!
by Brandon C.
Jun 28, 2023 06:41:28 am.

Started off today having to get a new phone. At the end of the day we have more Exclusions lined up. Customers from Williamson Ga to Macon Ga. Also saw some clients in Sharpsburg and Peachtree City.
by Jason Arruda
Jun 27, 2023 04:01:52 pm.

Headed to north ga this morning. Blue Ridge , Young Harris, Hiawassee, and Clayton.
by Chad W.
Jun 21, 2023 06:02:36 am.

Headed to Lilburn Ga for a bat quote
by Chad W.
Jun 20, 2023 01:41:56 pm.

Got a few stops in Albany Ga today.
by Jason Arruda
Jun 20, 2023 10:34:47 am.

Rainy day isn’t going to stop production. Lawrenceville, Tucker, Atlanta.
by Chad W.
Jun 19, 2023 07:15:41 am.

Warm Springs Ga bats, Newnan Ga rats just to start off today.
by Jason Arruda
Jun 15, 2023 11:18:36 am.

Hiawassee, Canton, Cartersville, Alpharetta, Winder. Getting around today
by Chad W.
Jun 13, 2023 02:13:41 pm.

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