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Hornet Control and Hornets' Nest Removal


Hornets nest under a roof soffit in Atlanta, Georgia

Juan snapped this picture of a handsome hornets' nest at an Atlanta hornets' nest removal job.

Hornet control and hornets' nest removal are among our most in-demand summer services. As the Georgia summer gets hotter, hornets become more active. Hornets have a well-deserved reputation for delivering multiple, painful stings, making hornet control a job for professionals.


Georgia Hornet Species

The two most common hornets in Georgia are the baldfaced hornet and the European hornet.

Baldfaced Hornets

Baldfaced hornet in someone's palm

Baldfaced hornet

Baldfaced hornets are the most aggressive wasps in Georgia. They're hardy, ever-vigilant, aggressive, and unpredictable. Walking within three feet of a baldfaced hornets' nest is like asking to be stung, but hornets often attack people who walking ten feet or more away from their nests.

Baldfaced hornets' nests are built of paper and usually are suspended from trees or structures, but sometimes they build nests in the ground or in hollow trees or other voids. Typically, two or three "sentry" hornets circle around the nest opening and watch for potential threats. If the sentries sense danger, they immediately alert the rest of the troops. When that happens, watch out!

Because hornets often build their nests in very high, difficult-to-reach places, many exterminators are unable — or afraid — to treat them. Not us. At Rid-A-Critter, we can handle any hornet control job, no matter how high the nest is. We have ladders, scaffolding, lifts, and even bucket trucks at our disposal, so we can handle the hornet control jobs that other Georgia exterminators can't.


European Hornets

European hornet

European hornet

European hornets are much larger than baldfaced hornets, often growing to an inch and a half in length. But despite their large size and intimidating buzz, European hornets are considerably less aggressive than baldfaced hornets. But they'll still attack en masse if they feel threatened or if they are accidentally swatted at, sat upon, or otherwise bothered.

Unlike baldfaced hornets, European hornets rarely build exposed or suspended nests. Most commonly, European hornets build their nests in hollow trees and other void areas. When they build their nests inside buildings, a powerful stench can result from their droppings.


Hornet Stings

Hornets are very unpredictable insects. In fact, when people say they got stung by a hornet just for looking at it funny, they're probably right. Hornets are fiercely protective of their nests and will attack — often in great numbers — if they feel even the slightest bit threatened.

When that happens, watch out! Hornets usually attack in great swarms that may number in the hundreds or thousands of individuals, and they can fly faster than any human being can run.

Hornet stings are very painful and can cause serious allergic reactions. Even people who are not particularly allergic to insect stings sometimes have to be hospitalized after being being attacked by an entire hornet colony. Hornets' nests in close proximity to areas where humans live, work, or play must be removed, and do-it-yourself hornet control is a bad idea because of the difficulty and risks involved.


Hornet Control Gallery

Here are a few pictures of wasp and hornet control jobs we've done in Atlanta and throughout our Georgia service area.


Rid-A-Critter provides professional hornet control in Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Roswell, and throughout North Central Georgia. We have the know-how and equipment to safely remove stinging insects from your property, no matter where they are nesting. Please contact us for prompt, professional control of hornets or for any stinging insect problem.


Rid-A-Critter is a Certified Drug-Free Workplace

Rid-A-Critter provides professional hornet control and extermination in North-Central Georgia, including the counties of Baldwin, Barrow, Bartow, Bibb, Burke, Butts, Carrol, Chattahoochee, Cherokee, Clarke, Clayton, Cobb, Columbia, Conyers, Coweta, Crawford, Dawson, Dekalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gilmer, Greene, Gwinnett, Hall, Hancock, Harralson, Harris, Heard, Henry, Houston, Jackson, Jasper, Jones, Lamar, Lincoln, Madison, Marion, McDuffie, Monroe, Morgan, Muskogee, Newton, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Paulding, Peach, Pickens, Pike, Putnam, Richmond, Rockdale, Schley, Spalding, Stewart, Talbot, Tallaferro, Taylor, Troup, Twiggs, Upson, Walton, Warren, Webster, and Wilkes.

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